The Women´s Show is Macedonia´s only event dedicated entirely to Women. This distinctive event pays tribute to every aspect of a woman’s multi-faceted life – from personal and family life to work, fitness, health, finance, fashion and entrepreneurship! The Women’s Show is an interactive and experiential platform where visitors will enjoy informative exhibits, discussions and demonstrations, providing them with the tools and solutions to improve their lives.

Furthermore this lifestyle event indulges the playful nature of women with non-stop entertainment, unlimited fashion and utter extravagance.

The Women’s Show presents a large number of exhibits, 2 stages showcasing live events and a number of interactive feature areas. It is the definitive destination for networking, information, inspiration, entertainment and interactive experiences with some of Macedonia’s best-loved consumer brands and personalities.

To be involved in any of the interactive features areas at the show, please contact Omni Events



Women are the primary decision-makers for every product or service. Women buy brands they can establish a relationship with. Women make connections everywhere they go. Women aren’t a fad or a niche, they are the most influential and lucrative market worldwide.

Women make the overwhelming majority of decisions for everything, including:

  • 83.3% of all purchasing decisions
  • 94% of all home and family related choices
  • 89% plan the holiday
  • 88% buy kitchen appliances
  • 80% choose a healthcare plan
  • 85% decide on the new home
  • 60% of all new cars are bought by women
  • 80% of all car sales are influenced by women

* According to STRATEGY, The Canadian Marketing Report, John Gray, February 2007

So today’s rallying question is no longer “Why market to Women?” but rather how do we market to Women.

The vast majority of Macedonian companies spend millions on television advertising; double page spreads in glossy magazines, newspapers and flashy billboards in an attempt to attract this highly influential female market. Inevitably, it fails. Marketers cannot throw softer colors in their print ad and consider it targeted!

60% of women say experiential marketing would be more likely to lead to actual purchase of a product/brand. Women need to feel connected to the essence of the brand through a personalised experience.

The Women’s Show is the only platform of its kind in Macedonia - designed as a highly experiential and sensory platform, which showcases authentic products and services by companies that recognise the value of women.



Each exhibitor will be listed on our website www.saemnazena.mk and in the visitor guide with a 50 word company description, contact details and stand number (If the stand has been paid for by print deadline).



We run an extensive and comprehensive advertising/marketing and pr campaign with coverage in all the media below:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Consumer & Specialist Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Billboards
  • Street Pole Posters
  • Road Posters
  • Website
  • Competitions

Be part of the media campaign for the Women’s Show - submit any newsworthy information such as new product launches and special events taking place at your stand and we will share the information with the media and on www.saemnazena.mk



Contact Omni Events to be part of the Women’s Show 2013



An exhibition is about engaging the senses - seeing, touching, smelling and tasting - making it the ultimate sensory experience. To maximise your exhibition success you need to replicate your business on your stand and make it as striking as possible in order to grab the attention of visitors to the show. You can achieve this in many ways without needing to spend large amounts of money.

If you need help in designing your stand or questions as to how to decorate your stand, The Women’s Show team will gladly give you advice and put you in touch with suppliers who can also be of help.

A great display stand can make all the difference to your success. It is important to maximise the stand you have booked. To a small degree the layout depends on the space but you can counteract this by making it look inviting and welcoming.

Enhance your stand with clever lighting, graphics and other multimedia. By being creative you can stand out and be noticed.